Sunday, December 26, 2010

A God with a Wider Heart by John Daniel Kunnathu link for A God with a Wider Heart
In God with a Wider Heart, the author retells some well known Bible stories in dialog form and in modern language.

In his introduction, John Daniel Kunnathu explains that as a child he was taught that the Bible was historical fact, but as he grew older, he began to believe that they need to be understood metaphorically. He decided to tell the stories as he understands the bible stories now which contrasts from the way he viewed the stories growing up.

While I disagree with his view of some of the stories, they are beautifully written. However these stores are embellished and there is added dialog between characters that does not appear in the scriptures. One story that caused me concern was one in which the author believes that both thieves that were crucified with Christ went to heaven, but the unrepentant thief would just experience it as hell because he could not discern light and darkness.

I would recommend this only if you believe the Bible is mythology, which I do not.


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