Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Cutting Edge by Darcia Helle link for The Cutting Edge

Skye Summers is not your ordinary hairstylist. What is so different? This hairstylist fantasizes about killing her clients. Skye takes the reader through her day with her regular clients and their problems, confessions and families.

The Cutting Edge is written with a combination of styles. There is a little of everything in this book - a serial killer mystery, humor, thriller and more. As the book starts, it is written in a sarcastic and humorous tone with the main character describing her regular customers and her dislike for them. It is at this point the story is borderline cozy, but then it takes on a darker tone. Later in the book the serial killer storyline takes over and it becomes more intense and gruesome, a little too gruesome for me.

The story wraps up in a very satisfying way and a little different than I expected. Even though it was a little too brutal for me, I enjoyed this unique storyline and this very special character.


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