Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mission Possible by D. L. McCarragher

Link to purchase Mission Possible at Alabaster Box Publishing

A brief outline of this book is best described by the author:
“This book will serve to encourage your heart, strengthen your soul, and stretch your faith.”

Mission Possible begins by describing the priestly role model that Jesus portrays for the husband in the household. Unfortunately, he will not follow this role if your spouse is not a believer. Becoming a believer while your spouse is not can cause stress, heartache, and discouragement.
Mission Possible is a detailed, scripturally based boot-camp for the believing spouse on a new Godly mission – to be a testimony and a representative of Jesus to your husband. D. L.McCarragher’s experience and energy presents the Word of God to edify and instruct on prayer, pitfalls and priorities.

The book is set up to use as a devotional or Bible study. It has a “Seek and Find” section with questions, discussion and addition Bible verses after each chapter. There are also short clever remarks inserted into the chapters that can only be described as Pure Encouragement!

I especially enjoyed “In the Meantime- Serve”. In this chapter she talks about serving the Lord, but doing so with respect to the husband and the problems that may arise. She explains how to make good decisions that will maintain love and peace in the home.

I highly recommend this book for individual or women’s group Bible studies. For those using an e-book, Mission Possible is very well formatted for the e-book format with easy chapter navigation.
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