Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chasing the Night by Iris Johansen link for Chasing the Night by Iris Johansen

I have an earlier Iris Johansen Eve Duncan book on my to-be-read shelf, but I received this one for review so I decided to read this first. Although part of a series, it is certainly a stand-alone book.

Eve and Joe are both interesting characters, but as a couple the spark seems to be missing. There was nothing that would make me look forward to another book about them or run to a previous book to find out how they reached this point in their relationship. The other characters in the book are all over the top in whatever they do. There is some sarcastic attitude, which I can appreciate, but they are too much like comic book characters.

All in all I can say that it is not a bad action/adventure/thriller but I just couldn’t enjoy reading about the sadistic psychological torture, rape, and other physical abuse especially when a child is involved.


  1. I want to try this author, so I guess I shouldn't start with this one.

  2. I really thought I would like it because of the forensics involved, but it just fell short for me. Thanks for stopping by.


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