Saturday, August 21, 2010

Alphabet Woof by Sherrie A Madia and Illustrated by Patrick Carlson link for Alphabet Woof 
Alphabet Woof by Sherrie A. Madia is a delightful storybook about Moxy, the dog, and his family. The family grandma is quite the cook and makes up some very interesting soups! I always wonder what my dog would say if he could talk, and in Alphabet Woof we find out that Moxy has plenty to say.

The story is written in rhyme and would be an ideal book to read to a small child. I think it would be a little difficult for a beginner reader, but certainly with a little help it is a perfect book to learn from. It would also be a good book for small children to point out and name items in the illustrations. In the kitchen scene there are some unusual and fun objects.
The illustrations by Patrick Carlson are colorful and entertaining. Moxy is adorable and the family members engage in activities together. I would recommend Alphabet Woof for young children, a gift book for children, pre-school or elementary school classes. A portion of the proceeds benefits the SPCA International.

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  1. This sounds adorable! I love books with Dogs that tell it like it is! And I also like that a portion of the proceeds benefits the SPCA International! Thanks for sharing!


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