Monday, April 20, 2009

The Hole in our Gospel

The Hole in our Gospel, by Richard Stearns:Richard Stearns, a wealthy CEO earning a seven-figure salary, received a call from God he did not want to receive. He was asked to head the charitable organization World Vision, but he would have to give up his salary, large home, and upscale car, move to another area, and accept a six-figure salary.Mr. Stearns envisions a world where Christians band together and donate enough money to end poverty and injustice in the world. He believes that scripture indicates that salvation depends on not only Christ’s death on the cross, but also good works to the impoverished, and without both we have a “Hole in Our Gospel”.The book clearly describes the problems around the world with poverty, aids, and injustice, but does not explain in enough detail how money alone can cure all of the ills of the world. While we may not agree with his views on the Gospel, we cannot deny that most American churches do not support the poor and sick in their own neighborhood, or around the world. Missions and missionaries are often underfunded and medical missions lack supplies. While I disagree with many of his opinions, I was challenged by his call for action.


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