Monday, April 20, 2009

Christianity in Crisis 21st Century *****

Christianity In Crisis 21st Century by Hank HanegraaffFrom the back cover: "Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth." The Apostle PaulIn this updated edition of Christianity in Crisis, Hank Hanegraaff exposes those preachers who twist and misquote the Scriptures to fit their messages of a prosperity gospel. The author quotes some of the current, well-known “Name it and Claim it” preachers, such as Joel Olsteen, Mike Dooley, Joe Vitale and Joyce Meyer, then compares their statements with the Word of God.One of the most shocking examples in the book is about the author and contributors of “The Secret” made popular by Oprah, which teaches that thoughts create our circumstances. When one of its contributors appeared on the Larry King show, King asked whether Jessica Lundsford, the child brutally abused and murdered, attracted this horror to herself. Joe Vitale responded, “We are attracting everything to ourselves and there is no exception”.The author cuts away at the false doctrines with expert precision. Example after example shows the error of men and women claiming to be speaking the word of God, but in reality speaking from the pits of Hell.The book is extensively footnoted and includes a scripture index, subject index, and a bibliography. I highly recommend this book for anyone who seeks truth. It could easily be used for a personal Bible study or small groups study.


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