Saturday, January 2, 2016

Searching for Jesus by Robert J. Hutchinson

Searching for Jesus is an enjoyable and interesting book on the historical Jesus of Nazareth. This
book is well-researched and has 51 pages of reference notes.

Robert Hutchinson’s writing is very engaging. He brings you into the room with Jesus at the Last Supper and brings to life the steps Jesus walked to reach the Garden of Gethsemane.  You get a true sense of place as the events unfold.  

While many books on the historical Jesus try to make him less than He was, Searching for Jesus shows that new research and archeological finds align with the Gospels.  Of course, I did not agree with some of the conclusions the author presents, but just use a little discernment and you will enjoy the book.

I received a copy of Searching for Jesus as part of the BookLook Blog program in exchange for an honest review.

Book Description

For more than a century, Bible scholars and university researchers have been systematically debunking what ordinary Christians believed about Jesus of Nazareth. But what if the most recent Biblical scholarship actually affirmed the New Testament? What if Jesus was not a Zealot revolutionary, or a Greek Cynic philosopher, or a proto-feminist Gnostic, but precisely what he claimed to be: the divine Son of Man prophesied in the Book of Daniel who gave his life as a ransom for many? What if everything the Gospels say about Jesus of Nazareth—his words, his deeds, his plans—turned out to be true? Searching for Jesus changes “what if?” to “what is,” debunking the debunkers and showing how the latest scholarship supports orthodox Christian belief.
About the Author
Robert J. Hutchinson is an award-winning writer and author who studied philosophy as an undergraduate, moved to Israel to learn Hebrew, and earned a graduate degree in New Testament studies.


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