Monday, December 16, 2013

Fascinomas - Fascinating Medical Mysteries

Fascinomas is a book of true medical mysteries. Each short story presents the patient’s symptoms and then goes into the process of making the diagnosis. These are interesting cases with unusual symptoms and the diagnoses takes a lot of true detective work. The stories have been collected by the author from different doctors around the country. My favorite story was Chapter 9, Medicine Can Be a Humbling Profession. Of course to explain why it was my favorite would give away the mystery and I won’t do that, but it was honest and definitely humbling for the doctor involved. Clifton K. Meador, M.D. is also the author of True Medical Detective Stories , another excellent book on medical mysteries. I highly recommend both True Medical detective Stories and Fascinomas-Fascinating Medical Mysteries. Love the book's cover!!


  1. You might enjoy "The Man Who Mistake His Wife for a Hat" by Oliver Sacks - I believe he was a neurologist.

  2. This book sounds fascinating and so different from what I normally read. I like that it is compiled of short stories from various doctors.

    Thanks for sharing. :)


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