Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Real Wolfmen by Linda S Godfrey

A fun read!

Real Wolfmen, True Encounters in Modern America is an unusual compilation of eye-witness accounts of strange bipedal doglike creatures.  It is interesting to read each of these accounts from ordinary people in ordinary situations when they come upon this strange sight.  I understand that eyewitness accounts can not always be taken at face value because of the way our minds process some information, but for so many people to describe the same phenomenon in different areas of the country is fascinating. 

Initially I thought the author was a little too flippant with her paragraph titles which made it sound as though she was ridiculing the people who trusted her by sharing these accounts with her.  I recently heard the author, Linda S. Godfrey, on a radio program and she did not sound at all as though she was doing that.  I guess it was just a little sarcastic humor in the book.  She also covers briefly what is several ideas speculating about what could account for these sightings, but it is just that – speculation. 

I enjoyed reading Real Wolfmen  as I do most books about cryptozoology.  Cryptozoology includes the study of animals not proven to exist, the existence of known animals in places where they were not expected to occur, and sightings of animals presumed to be extinct. 

 I am not sure if I received this specifically for a review or if I won it in a drawing, but my standard disclaimer applies.  I did not pay for the book, I did not get paid for a review, and I only post my honest opinion whether I like it or not.


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