Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Social Media Survival Guide by Deltina Hay

This is an updated edition of this book released with a different publisher and has many additions and changes.  Social media is the present and future of the Internet.  The Social Media Survival Guide is textbook style instruction for businesses and professionals on how to build a strong presence in the social media. 

Beginning with a brief explanation of terms and concepts, the book walks the reader through creating a strategy and preparation for creating a blog or website.  There is a good primer on using WordPress and for creating podcasts. 

Social Networking sites are cited and explained, as well as social bookmarking and media sharing sites.  I especially appreciated the chapter on using and creating Widgets and badges.  Even more important is the author’s look into the future of web presence with an explanation of The Semantic Web and Web 3.0. 

Included with the book is a resource CD with templates and forms. I highly recommend this book. Casual web users, bloggers, self-published authors, and self-promoting entrepreneurs would benefit from this wealth of information.  


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