Monday, January 10, 2011

Witnessing to Dracula - A Memoir of Ministry in Romania by Billy Ng link for Witnessing to Dracula 
I have read quite a few books about missionaries on the field, but I have never before read one that was this entertaining and honest. In his story of his mission to Romania, Billy Ng puts on no pretense. You see his discouragements, his problems, and his humor. There is never once an “I am so holy” attitude. He is an honest guy trying to serve the Lord in the middle of a culture shock.

The book is easy to read as each of the 61 chapters has its own short story. In one chapter he takes us through a city overrun by stray dogs. Then there are the painful experiences with dishonest people. I loved his attitude as he endured a six-hour search by border guards, sharing his faith the entire time.

Billy Ng explains much of the daily life –and death- in this unique country, along with a little history of the real Dracula and the culture of the Gypsies. He shares his conversations with God about the mistakes he made and how he learned what it means to have a meaningful ministry.

I highly recommend this engaging story. It is well written and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My only criticism of the book is the cover art. I understand the Dracula reference, but it is just too graphic for me. I normally will take a book with me when I know I will be waiting somewhere, but I would have been embarrassed to be seen with this book. I LOVED the book, but hated the cover.

Here is the website for the book where you can read an excerpt:  Witnessing to Dracula


  1. I recommend this book as an good read ! Being an missionary myself enjoyed this very much so. Wonderfully written.

    Thank you

  2. This sounds like a good book. You're right. The cover is misleading. I had seen it before and had dismissed it as another paranormal novel.


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