Sunday, April 18, 2010

Maid of Murder by Amanda Flower

About the Book: India Hayes is a small town college librarian surrounded by unusual characters, including her neighbors and family. When a childhood friend turns up dead, all fingers point at India’s brother.

My Review: Maid of Murder by Amanda Flower is the first of what I hope is a long list of India Hayes mysteries. The story is a wonderfully entertaining cozy mystery. India‘s character is likeable and has an admirable tolerance level for her radical parents and rather eccentric neighbor. She also has an endearing loyalty to her brother and an understanding of his moods and behavior.

The story is clever and fast-paced as India takes the lead in finding out what really happened to her long-time friend Olivia. It looks bad for her brother, but her loyalty to him drives her through some adventures and very funny action. Her relationships with her brother, sister, nephew, and parents seem like a real-life family. I enjoyed every minute of this first-rate book and I look forward for more.

Amanda Flower's website is here:  Amanda Flower


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